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A Guide to Mid-Century Modern Furniture Essentials

There is a reason that Mid-Century Modern home décor continues to be so undeniably popular. Its focus on clean lines, simplicity of design, and functionality give it a timeless aesthetic and widespread appeal, and its vibrant colors and retro motifs incorporate seamlessly into a modern home while also appealing to those who seek a connection to the past. What’s more, Mid-Century Modern decorating ideas can easily be adapted to a wide range of personal tastes and a variety of different spaces. Are you ready to incorporate some Mid-Century Modern décor ideas into your home design? Read on for inspiration!

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Elroy Stickley Brown Chair at Studio J in Central Ohio

Super Comfy Lounge Chair and Ottoman

What home won’t benefit from a lounge chair and ottoman? The Elroy Lounge Chair is a famous piece of Mid-Century Modern furniture, it remains a statement piece to this day. The iconic design incorporates a chair that is sleep despite being cushioned, designed to be comfortable and functional, with legs that are not bulky but create a seamless look and visual continuity.

Natural Elements

One of the cornerstones of the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic is the use of natural materials like wood, which is incorporated not only into furniture, but also into the ceilings, walls, and floors, for a Scandinavian feel. Teak, rosewood, and walnut are all woods found in Mid-Century design, providing not only a sense of warmth but also a connection to the natural world. Mid-Century Modern homes blurred the line between outdoors and indoors, with large windows allowing plenty of natural light to stream into the house. If you are not ready to fully embrace the style, why not start small, perhaps with a Mid-Century Modern coffee table that showcases the era by embracing a combination of mixed materials, soft, rounded corners, organic shapes, and a sense of flow.

Storage Piece with Sleek and Clean Lines

When you are looking for a Mid-Century Modern cabinet or other storage piece, look for a very simple, modern, organic design. The piece should have flexibility, so that you could conceivably use it in different areas of your home. If you’re looking for a Mid-Century Modern desk for your office, for example, think about how it would look in the living room, or even your bedroom, and choose something versatile. Some pieces of this era, like the George Nelson modular storage pieces, may or may not have legs, but choosing raised furniture with thin, tapered, or hairpin legs can really showcase the Mid-Century Modern aesthetic. Remember to look for natural pieces, emphasizing wood grains and featuring only subtle embellishments.

Statement Furniture with Bold Colors

Decorating with Mid-Century Modern sensibilities means embracing experimentation, and this means using bold colors alongside natural materials and neutral tones. Deep or subtle neutrals like navy blue, dark brown, and rust are paired with vibrant pops of hues like bright red, teal, olive green, burnt orange, and mustard yellow. Incorporate these colors into your space with a Mid-Century Modern sofa with a clean and geometric shape and brightly coloured upholstery or choose a simple Mid-Century Modern side table with color accents. Chairs were a big part of the era’s design elements and adding a colourful chair may be less of a commitment than a Mid-Century Modern couch.

Simple, Functional Dining Table

A Mid-Century Modern dining table is a gorgeous combination of simplicity and innovation, using organic and man-made materials for a look that’s at once vintage and futuristic. Look for simple, uncluttered designs, geometric shapes, and hidden features like built-in storage or an expandable surface. Sleek lines, rounded corners, beveled edges, and tapered legs create standout design in a Mid-Century Modern table.

Minimalist Wooden Bed Frame

If you want a bedroom with a Mid-Century Modern feel, start with a bed frame with sleek curves and minimalistic design. Hallmarks of this style of bed frame include tapered or angled legs, bare or tufted headboards, and wooden frames. The chic simplicity of a Mid-Century Modern bedroom has a distinctly Scandinavian aesthetic.

Barkman Jefferson Dining Furniture Collection at Studio J in Central Ohio

Shop Mid-Century Modern Furniture at Studio J in Central Ohio

When you are ready to bring your Mid-Century Modern décor dreams to life, bring them to Studio J. A premier home furnishings provider in Central Ohio, Studio J specializes in fine furniture and interior design. Founder June Sedlak Mooney previously held a senior position in her family’s business, Sedlak Interiors, one of the top furniture stores in Ohio. The relationships she has built throughout her career with leaders in the furniture and design industry benefit Studio J, enabling us to offer our customers exclusive pricing and customization options. We are committed to creating a warm, welcoming, boutique-style environment where our knowledgeable and talented designers provide personalized attention to our clients. June’s passion, experience, and talent provide the foundation for our core philosophies, and we love helping customers find that special piece that will perfectly complete their vision. Our design team is ready to help you find the right balance of function and aesthetics to redefine your home, and whether you need to furnish an entire home or just add a few pieces, we will help you create your own unique look. When you are ready to take your custom furniture store experience to the next level, visit our showroom, or contact us through our website.

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