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Interior Designers in Dublin, OH

At Studio J, we know the importance of perfectly combining textures, colors, styles, and materials to express your unique vision of how your home should look and feel. That's why we have a staff of talented interior design experts in-house to assist you in selecting pieces of furniture that work both on their own and together to convey your desired individual style.

Carol Meara Studio J

Carol Meara

June Sedlak Mooney Studio J

June Sedlak Mooney

Van Shephard Studio J

Van Shephard

Rick Sherman Studio J

Rick Sherman

Our Interior Designers

Studio J is proud to offer our clients the expertise of our talented team of interior designers. June Sedlak Mooney is the owner of Studio J and brings a lifetime of experience working with furniture and interior design. June grew up working at her family's business, Sedlak Interiors in Cleveland, where she learned the trade from the ground up. June is joined by Van Shepherd, Carol Meara, and Rick Sherman. Together, they bring decades of expertise to the table. Our design team can help take an idea, concept, style, or even a feeling that you'd like to convey and turn it into a tangible reality with a beautiful room you'll be proud to have in your home.

Interior Design Services

Our interior design services are built around the individual. We begin with a consultation where we learn all about your project and your style preferences. We want you to look at a bare room as a blank canvas, with our furniture filling in your palette. Together, we can paint a masterpiece.

Designing a home is about more than the furniture—it's about you. Let the interior designers at Studio J help you express your vision in a place you'll be proud to call home.

Find Your Design

Tell us a little bit about your project and your style preferences, and we’ll match you up with a designer that’s right for you to discuss all the details to make your dream a reality. Call us today at 614-389-2054.