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Give Your New Home A Fresh Start With These Three Important Design Tips

Moving into a new home is exciting, but it's important not to rush. These three basic interior design tips can help new homeowners focus on what works best.

New homeowners are often faced with an entire houseful of empty space, possibilities, and needs—all of which they feel an urgency to fill right away. But take it from our interior design professionals: patience pays. When it comes to your new home, long-term success relies on foresighted plans and deliberate choices. Here are three fundamental interior design tips for how to successfully inhabit your new space.

1. Out With the Old!

Before buying new furniture for your new place, get rid of as much as possible from your old home. Carryovers from a previous residence, like legacy furniture or art objects, bring color and size constraints with them. Reducing the move to a bare minimum of furniture and appliances opens creative avenues for coordinating fresh pieces and color schemes. If there is any existing furniture you'd like to keep, try repurposing it by featuring it in a different room than where it was in your previous home. Reconfiguring old pieces can bring a welcomed sense of newness

2. Measurements Matter.

Don't rely on your eye alone. Before moving in anything, make sure you take measurements of any furniture you plan to bring. You'll want to be certain that items like your bedroom set, dining room tables, sofa, and every other large piece you are moving with you will fit the new floor plan. The doorways, hallways, and stairwells of the new home should also be measured before buying any appliances or accessories.

3. Patience Pays.

It's a good idea not to buy everything all at once. Although it's tempting to purchase all new furniture and appliances in one fell swoop, most interior professionals advise against this. Instead, patiently plan the whole house, and then focus on essential rooms first like the kitchen, living room, and bedroom(s) as these areas are the most lived-in in the house. From there, with these rooms as anchors in your design, it's easier to coordinate the rest of the home. Proportions are also critical. Be sure to account for an appropriate amount of open space when making decisions about furniture pieces and appliances. This will help your home feel inviting and accommodating rather than cartoonish or cluttered.

Likewise, interior designers say a home feels far more natural and personal when everything in it does not match. Here, too, patience is a virtue. Let your personal flair punctuate your new home’s style statement. Take the time to find complimentary objects that fit the space and are practical as well. Try integrating legacy pieces with new acquisitions in different settings. Having trouble finding exactly what you want? Sales events and promotions are another great way to find specials and unique focal pieces without breaking the bank.

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